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Most anglers will agree that live bait can make or break a fishing trip when heading offshore from Pensacola, Destin, or Orange Beach. However do you really have time to spend hours catching your own bait or want to deal with the headache of sabiki rigs? Whether you’re going bottom for red snapper, gag grouper, and amberjack or making the run to the rigs in search of yellowfin tuna be sure to stop by the Pensacola Live Bait Boat and fill your live well with live baits.10487395_1567333256826911_4930672422429854625_n

The Pensacola Live Bait Boat can be found on the water twelve months out of the year, but location may vary depending on the time of year, what’s biting, and the type of bait available.
During the spring and summer when the seas and conditions allow the Pensacola Live Bait Boat can be found setup to the east of Pensacola Pass out in the Gulf of Mexico.
Cigars minnows are by far the most available bait, but the Pensacola Live Bait Boat often also has hardtails, threadfins, alewives, and menhaden.
Frozen and fresh bait is available occasionally as well, call (850) 516.4238 or reach them on VHF Channel 10 today and see if the bait boat has ballyhoo, cigar minnows, squid, or menhaden.